Our company

History of H.Bloch a.s.


Year 1992      Owners started partnership with Exxon.

Year 1996      H.Bloch s.r.o. was established. Its bussines was closely linked to  Exxon and became authorised distributor of Exxon lubricants for Southern Moravia and Highlands.

Year 1999      In 30. November 1999 ExxonMobil was established by fusion of Exxon and Mobil. H.Bloch expanded portfolio for the first time on Mobil.

Year 2000      Company succesfully grew and long term contract was signed with Bosch Diesel Jihlava for the service of  "Total fluid management". Company also searched for other manufacturers of lubricnats to meet increased customer demand.


Year 2004      H.Bloch transformed from Inc. to PLC.

Year 2007      Main partner ExxonMobil left market in the middle Europe and sodl its activities to Eni. H.Bloch became independent distributor of lubricants and started new partnerships with major oil companies.

Year 2008      H.Bloch baceme authorised distributor of Statoil.

Year 2012      H.Bloch established new partnership with Lubrilog company and became exslusive distributor for Czech Republic.

Year 2014      H.Bloch signed long term contract with Lubrilog and got exclusive representation for Slovak Republic. H.Bloch a.s. specialized in the range of the provided services for industrial enterprises.

Year 2015      Introduction of new product line called Bonline. Philosophy of the new brand is focused on products that are benefits for the customer.