EASYLINE Edge Instructional Video

A short video showing why buying our EASYLINE EDGE Applicator is the solution for you.

With the EASYLINE EDGE Applicator, you’re in control- create your own sharp, long-lasting lines. Used for marking car parks, warehouses and stores, factory floors, sports courts and playgrounds and other hard flat surfaces

RTD Demonstration

This video is a simple metalworking test that demonstrates how using ROCOL RTD liquid can avoid the cost of replacing expensive parts and make cutting tools last longer.

Four Ball Weld Test Demonstration

This video is a demonstration of a standard four ball weld test. The test is deemed to be complete when the ball bearings have welded together under the heat generated by friction. The first test is completed with a general purpose maintenance grease and the second test uses a bearing lubricant from our FOODLUBE range.

PUROL Demonstration

A video demonstration of PUROL, an ISO 21469 certified multi-purpose grease for incidental food contact and an NSF 3H food processing release agent for direct food contact.

DETEX Demonstration

DETEX caps and actuators represent another important step in helping food and drink processors avoid costly downtime, product recalls and the risk of reputational damage.

LEAK DETECTOR Spray Demonstration

Demonstration of the industry leading leak detector spray. Highly effective aerosol for the detection of both small and large leaks.

Key Benefits of ROCOL Cold Galvanising Sprays

ROCOL cold galvanising sprays have a Triple Protection formula, which has been developed by ROCOL scientists to exploit the chemical properties of Zinc and an advanced resin system to shield steel from corrosion.

Gear Oils with Start Up Protection System (SUPS)

This demonstration shows the benefits of using gear oils with ROCOL Start Up Protection System technology. SUPS technology allows gears to be protected immediately following start-up which reduces wear and prevents failure.

Gear oils with SUPS technology are also available for use within the food industry.

The Reichert Test

This is a demonstration of the reichert test which is used to show how the use of ROCOL Extreme Pressure(EP) additives can reduce wear.